Mexican Company Registry

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The Mexican company registry is the public institution providing legal certainty to the formation of companies in Mexico and all other commercial legal acts. It is called the Public Registry of Commerce (PRC).

All Mexican companies, whether a large IMMEX program maquiladora or a small retail store, need to be registered at the PRC.

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How the Mexican Company Registry Works

For a company to be recognized and be able to act on its own, it needs to be registered at the Mexican company registry. Otherwise, the incorporation deed is just a piece of paper. Every registered company is assigned a unique registration number.

Each state has its company registry in Mexico. And every company must have its registered address in the state where it is registered. Every state’s registry has its local rules and regulations. If you plan to start a business in Mexico, you must register it. The most common entity types are the Sociedad Anonima and the Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada.

Who Can Register A Company In Mexico? 

In theory, anyone having a “legitimate interest” in the company can register it. However, this is usually done by the Mexican Notary Public or Broker Public who incorporated the company. Company registries in Mexico function independently, so Notaries must apply to register companies in each one.

Notaries Public are public functionaries. Therefore it is easier for the company registries to trust them. If someone other than a Notary tries to register a company, he will likely face difficulty.

Can a Notary In One State Register A Company In Another State?

Yes, this is possible. However, the Notary Public must register itself in the Company Registry of that particular state. It is common for a Public Notary to be able to register companies in more than one registry; however, it is unlikely that you will find one who can register companies in the 32 different states.

Electronic Company Registry In Mexico

In 2013, the Mexican companies registry created a platform called the Comprehensive Registry System (SIGER 2.0 because of its name in Spanish). This platform is fully automated, so it allows Notaries to register companies 24/7.

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Roberto Cornejo
Roberto Cornejo

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