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With our employer of record in Mexico service, you can start operations in no time. You can forget about the administrative hassle and concentrate on your operation.

For years Mexico has been a great place for foreigners to establish a business. Some do it to take advantage of the highly skilled workforce to lower labor costs and gain a competitive edge and some to take advantage of the 46 trade agreements to which the country is subscribed and lower tariff costs.

At Start-ops we can help you asses the costs of expanding your operation to Mexico.

Employer of record mexico

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Expanding your business to Mexico can help your company lower operational costs and increase profits. Usually, the highest operational cost is labor. And Mexico has a highly skilled labor force that costs less than a third of their peers in the US.

However, Mexico has different laws as well as being subscribed to international treaties that make them mandatory even for companies in other countries. In Mexico, every company is responsible for meeting its legal & tax obligations. And payroll can be complex.

Our employer of record in Mexico service simplifies everything for your company. At Start-ops, we help you every step of the way and make sure that the process is easy and effortless for you. We can help your company by functioning as your employer of record in Mexico so you can focus 100% on your operation.

With our expertise in doing business in Mexico and its legal system, you can rest assured that every cost of your nearshore operation venture will be soundly assessed and in full compliance with Mexican policies.

With the legal expertise of our in-house attorneys, you know you are in the best hands and that your employer of record in Mexico will be in full compliance with labor law and other regulations.

“The freer the competition of any division of labor, the more advantageous to the public.”

-Adam Smith

Our Action Plan

Employer of Record Mexico

With our employer of record in Mexico service, you can start operating real fast.

The first step is to make a labor cost estimation analysis, that way your company can plan for what is coming. Then comes recruiting. We will help you hire the talent that your company so much needs, we are experts in the subject.

Start-Ops is your Mexican partner and we will help you every step of the way.

What’s the plan? Well, we have distilled it into just three simple steps for you to have a Mexican team working at full capacity. 


We Have A Recruitment Planning Meeting

The first step to becoming your employer of record in Mexico is to understand the HR needs of your business. We will have an initial virtual meeting with your team to describe the job positions for which we will be recruiting and the ideal profile of the candidates.


We Assess And Interview Candidates

With our expertise, network, and databases we will have candidates applying fast. The next step is to asses and interview them working through a funnel in which we will present your company only the best qualified ones in the later stages.


We hire and manage everything

Our team of experts takes care of all administrative functions and compliance with Mexican legal requirements like paying taxes, registering for social security, insurance, and others. Now we officially are your employer of record in Mexico.

We want to see you succeed.

At Start-ops we care about each of our clients and we always strive for long-term relationships.

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