Roberto Cornejo

Understanding Payroll Taxes in Mexico

One of the hardest things to understand when establishing your nearshore operation in Mexico is employees’ payroll and the taxes involved. There are basically two parts of it; the taxes that the employee has to pay and the burden that the company has to pay according to the benefits given. That is the tricky part

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Starting a Business in Mexico: The Ultimate Guide

One of the greatest advantages that Mexico has is the proximity to the US. Besides being a good idea for companies to move a part of their operation to the country in order to lower their operational cost, there are a set of advantages for one-man companies, SME’s and even retired professionals that would like to start a business.

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Nearshoring to Mexico vs Outsourcing vs Offshoring

Let’s talk about our not biased at all opinion of hiring what I like to call your own In-House Mexican Team. I know it’s in Mexico, but it still your house. Have you ever heard the “Mi casa es su casa” expression? We invented it (probably).

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