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mexico investor visa card

Mexico investor visa is a residency card that allows foreigners who have investments in Mexico to stay in the country for up to four years. If you plan to start a business in Mexico, this may be the best way to obtain your residency. 

Mexico Investor Visa Requirements

To obtain a Mexican investor visa, you must have investments in the country of 20,000 daily general minimum wages; this is roughly $225,000 US dollars. This money must be truly spent; there is no way around this. 

What qualifies as an investment?

Article 107 of Mexico’s Immigration Law Regulation states what an investment is.

  1. Equity in a Mexican company.
  2. Property or equipment used for business activities.
  3. Developing business activities in Mexico and hiring at least three Mexican workers.

It is essential to understand that Mexican authorities carefully inspect each Mexico investment visa application, and the applicant must prove his investments. After all, the idea behind investor visas in Mexico is to increase foreign investment.

Proving Your Investment

To apply for your Mexican investor visa, you must show the documentation proving your investments in Mexico.

This documentation can be:

  1. The incorporation deed of the Mexican company where you are a shareholder with at least $225,000 USD. This needs to be certified by a Mexican Notary Public. You will need to prove the investments made by the company, so you will also need to show all of the documents that prove ownership of the goods purchased by the company.
  2. Documents proving your or your foreign company’s ownership of property or equipment in Mexico.
  3. Documents proving that you or your foreign company are developing business activities in Mexico. This can be contractual agreements, invoices, receipts, business plans, licenses, permits, etc. You must also prove you have hired at least three Mexican workers with a certificate issued by the Mexican Social Security Institute.

How to Apply for an Investor Visa In Mexico

1) Gather your documentation

This is the most crucial part. To obtain your investor visa in Mexico, you must show the original and copy of the documentation stated in the last section.

You will also need to show the following.

  1. Your passport.
  2. A filled-out visa application form.
  3. A recent passport-size color photograph (not older than 30 days) with white background and front view. Your face must be visible and without glasses.

Once you have gathered all the documentation, it is time to make an appointment at a Mexican consulate.

2) Book an appointment at a Mexican consulate

This step is done outside of Mexico. You have to book an appointment at a Mexican consulate abroad. You can see a list of the Mexican consulates in the United States here. If you are outside the US, you can find a list of all Mexican consulates here. Fees are around $40 USD.

3) Travel to Mexico with your provisional visa

If everything goes right and your investor visa in Mexico is approved, you will be granted a provisional visa for 180 days. This visa will allow you to travel to Mexico. When you enter the country, you must visit the National Migration Institute and obtain your Mexican investor visa card. The first time you apply, you must pay for it for one year. You can pay for it for up to four years in the second year. 

Mexican Investor Visa Fees

  • 1 year: $4,739 Mexican pesos
  • 2 years: $7,100 Mexican pesos
  • 3 years: $8,993 Mexican pesos
  • 4 years: $10,658 Mexican pesos

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