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What Makes Mexico Awesome?

Geographic Position

Mexico is strategically positioned to serve the U.S. Market, Canada and Latin America.

Logistics Savings

North American companies that are manufacturing in Mexico have a supply chain that it is much shorter than it would be from other continents such as Asia. From Mexico, shipments are delivered by cargo truck.

Same Time Zone

Forget jet lag. The time zone in Mexico is shared with North America. The worst case scenario would be a couple of hours difference.

Faster & Cheaper Visits

If you need to visit your facilities you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in airplane tickets. You can be back home in a day or two.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Km border with the US
Access points to the US
Km of Railroad

Highly Skilled Workforce

With high technology training centers, Mexico's workforce is highly skilled and abundant. Mexico has been a manufacturing spot for international companies for a long time and has shifted from basic manufacturing and assembly to more complex products.


Mexico is now the 3rd-largest exporter in the IT industry, 6th-largest supplier to the American aerospace industry, and the leading supplier of medical devices to the U.S.

High Education

Mexico has over 2,500 higher education institutions offering well-ranked and highly-sought after education and training programs. Over 110,000 engineers graduate in Mexico each year.

Government Incentives

The Government incentivizes specialized training programs to qualify people to work in the advanced, technical industries.

Free Trade Agreements

Mexico has Free Trade Agreements with 46 countries which will give your products preferential tariffs.

Mexico’s Free Trade Agreements have pushed the country to become the 13th largest export economy in the world. With trade agreements in three continents, Mexico is positioned as a gateway to a potential market of over one billion consumers and 60% of world´s GDP. Certain treaties avoid double taxation between Mexico and other countries including the U.S., Germany, Canada, Sweden, France, Japan, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, Italy and more.


The North American Free Trade Agreement. Between the US, Canada and Mexico it eliminates tariffs on goods with a 60% rule of origin.


Though the name is ugly, this is the new agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada. This is the new agreement. Once ratified, it will be put into effect in 2020. USMCA will maintain most of NAFTA’s stipulations with updated terms and a few new ones.

Mexico - EU

Investors in either region are granted preferential access to goods and services, and investment security.

Mexico - Japan

Japan has become Mexico’s 5th largest export destination. Known as an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) it provides relieved tariffs on goods and services.

Mexico - Central America

Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua signed an agreement with Mexico. The agreement includes little to no tariffs on goods and services.

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IP Legal Certainty

Intellectual property rights are well stipulated and enhanced by international agreements that provide a solid protection to your company’s intangible assets. Mexican government agencies overlook intellectual property rights protection based on the Industrial Property Law, the Federal Copyright Law and the International Agreements to which Mexico belongs. 


Protection of intellectual property in Mexico improved when the country became a party to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO is the global forum for intellectual property services, policy, information and cooperation. Mexico is a part of WIPO since 1975.

Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property

The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property was one of the first intellectual property treaties.

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